As an entrepreneur and management consultant with decades of

corporate experience, Performance Plus President and CEO,

Lynette Seawall will help you Win Your Game.

Take 20 minutes and be amazed!

On December 14, 2016, President Obama signed The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA) S.1550 into law.

According to PMI research, only 64 percent of government strategic initiatives ever meet their goals and business intent — and government entities waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on project and programs. That’s over 10%!

What is it you really want to accomplish? Do you know how to get there? Are you dealing with scope creep?

Project management practices provide the framework to facilitate your meeting your organizational objectives.  Performance Plus will manage your projects to successful completion according to scope, on time, and within budget. Identify your stakeholders up front, minimize your risk and maximize your quality.

Plan the work, and work the plan.

Performance Plus has over a decade of Project Management experience in a variety of settings from Financial Services and Information Technology to Government, with knowledge and leadership experience to assist organizations in the implementation of strategy and achievement of business results. As President, CEO, and PMP (Project Management Professional), Lynette Seawall is an excellent communicator with over 20 years leadership experience in Corporate America and over a dozen years as an entrepreneur.

According to PMI (Project Management International), 90% of a project manager’s job is communications. Besides being PMP-certified, Lynette earned her CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst) over a decade ago. Combining her communications expertise with Project Management uniquely qualifies her to effectively execute projects according to PMBOK methodology. She’ll keep everyone informed and raise any issues / risk as soon as they surface.

Do you wonder how your projects are progressing? Is nobody keeping you in the loop? What’s happened to on time delivery without cost overruns? Keep your projects on target, maximizing resources, and customer satisfaction.

If you’re wondering who should do what next, bring in Performance Plus to keep you in the loop, stay on target with your deliverables and costs.

Some areas where Performance Plus can provide business expertise include the following:

  • business cases: analyzing the financial sense of introducing this product / service
  • feasibility studies: evaluating whether or not it can be done

  • business requirements: examining how this project will impact ongoing operations
  • leadership: leading teams of technical professionals and cross-functional teams
  • execution: implementing new products / services
  • planning: business planning, product costing, profitability analysis, budgeting / forecasting, staffing requirements, financial analysis
  • process design: business resource interviewing, process flows, business analysis, streamlining recommendations, financial systems management, business problem solving